About CleanMist Bathroom Tissue Spray

Cleaner Than Dry Bathroom Tissue Alone

We’ve all experienced times when we want a little cleaner feeling than with dry bathroom tissue alone. CleanMist bathroom tissue spray is a simple-to-use cleansing spray that you spray on your bathroom tissue before wiping, for that clean, fresh feeling. It’s easy: just shake, spray, and wipe! It’s like having the freshness of a wipe, minus the wipe!

Wipes Clog Pipes

Who needs a wipe? National media attention has brought to light a serious problem with wipes: even so-called “flushable” wipes often don’t break down in the sewer system, increasing the risk of clogs and sewage overflows, and causing costly repairs. Water agencies are urging consumers to stop flushing wipes. Even Dr. Oz recommends using a spray bottle!

Gentle and Safe for You and the Earth

We’re picky: we use only ingredients that are safe, gentle, natural, and as much organic as possible. Every ingredient is rated “low concern” on the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep”® Cosmetics Database

Our ingredients are made from plants, not a lab. We use gentle cleansers like water, soap bark (made from the quillaja saponaria tree), and decyl glucoside (made from non-GMO coconut and palm).  Calendula flower extract moisturizes, while our scented version will delight your senses with a fragrant essential oil blend. Our preservative system contains ingredients accepted by Ecocert, the first certification body to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics.

CleanMist contains no synthetic chemicals, harsh cleansers, parabens, alcohol, or synthetic fragrances. Our dermatologist-tested formulas are safe and gentle enough for daily use. CleanMist is proud to be a member of the Safe Cosmetics Business Network.  

Try the CleanMist Difference

We invite you to experience a new way to clean. Whether you’re a wipes user or you’ve never used wipes, we think once you try it, you won’t go back.

CleanMist is great for the entire family:
• For that everyday clean, fresh feeling at home, work, and travel.
• For kids, help with potty training.
• For sensitive bums, a softer way to wipe.
• Dependents, elder care.


Our 2 oz bottle contains more than 450 sprays!

The fine mist ensures that tissue stays intact!

Wipes clog sewers

“I love your product. I happen to leave it on a shelf in the bathroom and now find myself using it ALL the time.”– Cara

“I bought some of your product… I LOVE it! I will be buying more when I run out… I really like the concept and the product!” – Mike

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