CleanMist Talk

Here’s what people are saying…

“I wanted to … tell you how much I love your product.  I happen to leave it on a shelf in the bathroom and now find myself using it ALL the time.  I love it.” – Cara


“I bought some of your product… I LOVE it!  I will be buying more when I run out… I really like the concept and the product!” – Mike


“We are big fans of it!  I love the fact that it is environmentally friendly, and I love the size.  We even brought it with us on our travels.” – Carolina, Peter, and family


“I love your product.  Absolutely in tune with the things I like 🙂  This is really cool.” – Olga


“That’s actually a brilliant idea.  I think it will be very successful.  I love the idea because I’ve had that issue with wipes.” – Mara


“It is exactly what … (my son) needs, he clogs the bathroom all the time.” – ZsuZsa


“This is really cool… (Our local) sanitation district regularly sends out notes telling people not to use wipes.  Have you thought of contacting the various sanitation (districts) … to let them know about your product?  They might be happy to mention it to their customers.” – Alex


“I love the holder…  We love CleanMist!” – Janell


“Sounds like a great idea!” – Mario


“It’s such a great product.” – Amber


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